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September 21, 2008


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There are some who prefer the term 'Down syndrome', and I learned somewhere along the way that that was the preferred term, but now I can't remember where from... Perhaps it was in this paper:

Jost, David A. and Allen C. Crocker. 1987. The handling of Down Syndrome and related terms in modern dictionaries. Dictionaries: Journal of the Dictionary Society of North America 9: 97-109

Virtual Linguist

In the book 'Dr John Langdon Down and Normansfield' by O Conor Ward MD, Professor Emeritus of Paediatrics at University College, Dublin (the man who gave a very interesting slide show at the Open Day), there is this sentence: 'From 1992 the alternative term Down syndrome was adopted in the United States'.

Looking at the WHO website, it looks as if US studies use Down and European ones use Down's.


Is it true that 200 photographs exist from Langon Down's study? If so, where are they?

Virtual Linguist

I don't know how many photos exist, but judging by the number I saw at the open day, I'd say there are at least 200. They are probably kept at the old hospital which is now the headquarters of the UK Down's Syndrome Association. See here:


Thank you for sharing. Very informative.


Who is the author?

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