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October 16, 2008


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Just in case you are interested - "boo" in Czech is "baf" (pronounced "buff"). Instead of "boohoo" we can say "fňuky fňuk" or something like that, but I really don't know how to transcribe it to make its pronunciation clear to non-Czech speakers.. "fnyooky fnyook" seems to be the best, but if anyone comes with a better one, I'll be glad :)

Virtual Linguist

That's very interesting, May. Děkuji!


Actually, the sniff sniff in Spanish is for having the sniffles (heh), or when you're already calming down and need to blow your nose. When someone is crying loudly its "bua," sounds almost like the English "wah."

Virtual Linguist

¡Gracias! Nava. I very much appreciate your passing on that information.

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