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October 20, 2008


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Nasser Berjaoui

Please note that "awal n imedyazen" is not a secret language; it is the famous traditional poetry of Amazigh/Berber singers. These have a metaphorical secret language: "ta3ejmiyt".

Virtual Linguist

Thank you for that clarification, Dr Berjaoui. As I mentioned, there's hardly any information in the public domain.

Nasser Berjaoui

In fact, I am preparing a German Habilitation on Amazigh/Berber secret languages. I will be more than happy to e-mail you more information later.


I would like to know more about some other secret languages, one called Xediiylus. I know only a little of it.
I know most of it from a song, but this is transliteration, because it does not follow any capable computer fonts: Novus arial eniiyxus, ketrya aenggenda venus, zhe tryentye volas Arthia, jakalaen xalat...

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