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November 19, 2008


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Lassma isn't just kiez, it's also bavarian

Virtual Linguist

Vielen Dank, J.


The inversion in "musstu" is not all that new, the facetious "Haeschenwitze" having "Haeschen" say "muttu" instead of "du musst" at least 30 years ago.

A typical one would go like this -
Haeschen kommt ins Milchgeschaeft und fragt die Verkaeuferin:
- Hattu Milch?
- Ja, habe ich!
- Hattu auch fettarme?*
- Ja.
- Muttu lange Aermel tragen!

* (One would assume that Haeschen is asking for lower case "fettarme [Milch]" when in fact is is asking about upper case "Fettarme". Of course, the difference is irrelevant when the joke is told in spoken language.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks, Lasse. Very interesting, and new for me.

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