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March 20, 2009


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ER sorry he's not a Mockney, he grew up in a small essex village (where I did) where most people speak like that and he went to the local state school, his accent isn't Mockney it's Essex!

Virtual Linguist

Thank you for clarifying, and for reading the blog, Jaybe.


Jamie Oliver most certinaly IS a mockney, I'm from Canvey in Essex and I know a 'put on' working class Essex accent when I hear one. Jamie comes from a rather well to do village in an area that is so far northern Essex that it's actually closer to Cambridge than Southend or any of the other estuary towns. Ever heard his sister speak? She's as posh as they come. I will also note that he went to a Grammar school so recieved a much better level of education than your average state school. Goood blog by the way! :-)

Virtual Linguist

Thanks for that information, Mark, and for your kind words. It's useful to have information from Essex people themselves.

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