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April 19, 2009


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Am I right in saying the same can be said for duck? ie. there were four duck in the pond.

Virtual Linguist

That's a very interesting question, Mustafa. The Oxford Dictionary of English says the plural of duck is either duck or ducks. I personally would say four ducks, and I have never heard anyone say four duck. I can't find any examples in the British National Corpus either.
The plural of many creatures is the same as the singular eg salmon, trout, carp, roach (all fish), partridge, quail, grouse (game birds), elk, moose, buffalo, deer, although you do hear and see plurals with s.


Eat your fruits and vegetables.

By the way, it is funny that your post included references to animal plurals because I just wrote a post about this subject that is scheduled to be on my blog next week. It is a very interesting topic.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks Laura, I'll look out for that post. Thanks for the other mention on your blog too.


yall need to learn some flipping English. It is grapefruit, fish, and ducks. OBVIOUSLY!!!

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