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April 20, 2009


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Harrison Bergeron

Cheese it, the fuzz.
(Beat it, it's the police)
It's the dicks, let's lam out of here.
(It's detectives, run away)
Run it's the coppers(brass buttons.)
(I think dress uniforms are the only things with metal buttons these days, everything else is snap buttons and velcro so it breaks away)
Well if it isn't the bounty mounties, our gravel road cops.
(Bounty Mounties seems to be an east coast thing likely related to RCMP drug interdiction efforts on ships)
Boot it, smokey's right behind us.
(Some American state troopers still wear the wide brimmed hats while on duty that is also worn by the RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police - dress uniform, but our mounties wear the standard forge hat style when working.
Meet us down at the cop shop.
(Meet at the police station)
Well if it isn't the boys in blue.
(Blue serge is usually only worn by private security firms now, Most cops now wear black or brown uniforms in Canada.

The long wooden club here was called a baton, and the small leather sap with a spring and lead shot in the end was called a billy or billy club.

Some police departments still use both on patrol, but the trend has been to keep the baton in the trunk - or boot as you folks call it - and only use it for crowd control, or as part of riot gear.

A billy or sap is rarely used becaused it really doesn't have much effect on someone who is insensible drunk or high on drugs and it can cause a lot of unnecessary bodily injury - not that getting zapped with a tazer is any great improvement given how many deaths it's caused.

I have a large collection of old Punch cartoons circa WWI on CD from Hemera computer graphics, of the type you describe and I'll see if I can find 'ol Bill.



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