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April 22, 2009


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oggy probably comes from the word og, common word in cornish, welsh and even irish, which means small or little and not hoggam.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks for that, redcliffe62, and thanks for dropping by and reading.


Tiddy is a famous Cornish surname which has no connection to the pasty or the river (which is in fact Tudy - not Tiddy).

The name means "black house" from the Celtic "ty" and "dy". This could refer to a house with an earthen floor in Cornwall.

The jump from "tattie" to "tiddy" seems unlikely linguistically. Chances are the Tiddy Hoggy was a poor man's pie or black house pie.

Virtual Linguist

Thank you for those comments.

Peter Diprose

It's more likely that oggie refers to fish because the original pasties usually had potato (tiddy) and fish (Oggy) - Oggy or oggie being a typical West Country term for the sea.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks for that, Peter.

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