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September 10, 2009


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Tim de Ferrars

"Brass" as in brass nail - for prostitute - is used in Will Self's "Book of Dave"

Virtual Linguist

Thanks, Tim. I'll look out for that.

Kay Gilbert

M.C. Beaton also uses it in Death of a Chimney Sweep, one of her Hamish Macbeth novels.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks, Kay, That's interesting given that Hamish Macbeth novels are set in the north of Scotland, if I remember rightly.


Also in "Death of a Dentist" (MC Beaton)


Brass as a prostitute comes from "Brass Flute"


Also used in M C Beaton's Death of a Gossip - the first Hamish McBeth story


Brass door for whore as well

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