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October 04, 2009


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Brendon J. Brewer

In cricket, "innings" is singular.


cosmos is another

Virtual Linguist

Oh yes, thanks. I'd forgotten about the -os group (ethos, asbestos etc).

maria galea

thank you!! needed a few examples of English singular nouns ending in 's' as a side-note in my dissertation and found them here! I will cite you as reference. cheers!

Virtual Linguist

Thanks, Maria. Glad to be of help.



wordy smith

words Ending with "S"

There are Total 65375 words Ending with S (Suffix). S is not a word but only a combination of letters. s is made up of letters S.

Example : 1). Microspectrophotometries 2). Overintellectualizations


American English has 'bangs' for a fringe of hair, which is why I came here looking for others.

Mark Zussman

Here in Brazil I sometimes hear a non-native English speaker say that someone is singing a blue. Not so. Lady sings the blues but also the lady is singing a blues. Frost was right when he wrote "Whose woods these are I think I know." But "I was walking through a woods the other day" is also right.


I think it's weird I can play "kudo" in Words With Friends™ But not "alm". If I can give some one a kudo, I should be able to give them an alm, as well.

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