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August 05, 2010


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These are great! I can't pick a favourite, but I especially like dudman and gally-bagger. Also buglug, which sounds like water draining down a sinkhole.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks, Stan. Perhaps you could add an Irish variant?


Sorry about the delay in getting back to you, Susan. I don't know of any variants that are peculiarly Irish, but if I learn of one I'll be sure to let you know.

I saw scarecrows in fields around where I grew up, but I still associate them most strongly with a comic strip I read in a boys' annual (Hotspur, maybe). It featured a scarecrow that became Baron Samedi, who proceeded to terrorise two lads running a road race. Thrilling stuff!


Crow-boggart for scarecrow was common where I grew up and was also used to refer to rough-looking people, tramps and the like.

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