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January 29, 2011


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Absolutely agree! nowadays people never mind to say wrong words...

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Absolutely agree! nowadays people never mind to say wrong words...


Oh, thanks so much for the knowledge. This is very useful to me, as I don't have english as my mother tongue or native language. :-)

Virtual Linguist

Thanks for your kind words.


French has never had the word grecien. NEVER.

Their word for someone or something from Greece in Modern French is grec (feminine = grecque).

Meanwhile, the suffix -ien in French means someone or something that's from or of X.

So if you added -ien to the word Grec, you'd be saying that a Greek is from Greek. That sounds incredibly silly.

This is why you can be sure that the term Grecian is an English corruption of the Romantic Grec, and their bastardization of the French -ien.

In fact, none of the traditional Romantic terms for Greek are related to Grecian:

French: Grec

Italian: Greco

Portuguese: Grego

Romanian: Grec

Spanish: Griego. Now Spanish does have a term these days called greciano, but that's derived from the English.

The only time I use the word Grecian routinely is if I'm discussing the Keats poem, or making fun of the hair formula from the TV ads. In any other use, the word sounds sniffy and pretentious.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks for reading and for your comment, Aq8.


The claim that French has never had the word "grecien" is false. You can find it at least one dictionary, even just searching online. Here is a page from Frédéric Godefroy, Dictionnaire de l’ancienne langue française et de tous ses dialectes du ixe au xve siècle, édition de Paris, 1881-1902:


Virtual Linguist

Thank you for your informed comment, Glenn.

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