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July 20, 2011


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"Showboating" and even "someone being a showboat" are fairly commonly-used slang expressions in the sporting world here in the US.

It strikes me that I've heard it less in conjunction with post-play celebrations than with athletes putting on somewhat risky, flamboyant displays during a play rather than making a "safe", conservative play. Example: an American Football player running downfield unchallenged and breaking into a dance before crossing the goal line and actually scoring.

Jemmy Hope

Used to be 'grandstanding' long ago (feeling old today).

Virtual Linguist

And it still is grandstanding, Jemmy; see this recent BBC piece: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-14121223 .

I've only seen showboating used in a sporting context too, John. The story I read was about a football player (for UAE team, I think) who, just before he kicked a penalty twirled round and kicked it backwards.


Wow! Were I managing that team, that player would have been sitting for a long time, in American sports slang, "benched" or my favourite, "riding the pine", a throwback to the days of wooden benches.

Robin Mitchell

I recently was pulled-over buy a Policeman on foot and without a Radar who told me I was "Showboating" he claimed to be a "Showboat Expert". The Officer cited me for Speeding and No Muffler...? I was driving in traffic at less than 5 miles an hour in my M5 BMW SportRace edition Car, its White with a Black Race Stripe. I am over 55yrs old and have long Blonde Hair..? My car is 100% stock built and I just got it smogged.
I am here trying to find out more about what it takes to be a "Showboat Expert" does anyone know ? Is there a college degree involved ? I maybe blonde and retired but not Stupid.
Dr. Robin Mitchell

Robin Mitchell

Hello again, I found another (fun) definition of "Showboating Expert"
Used in Sexual ligustics as : meaning your girlfriend refused you sex in bed and being excited, you decide to pleasure yourself in front of her thus you (after the act) "Showboated". Doing this allot could lead into being an "Expert" or better yet a "Master-Bater" and if you are Married could be grounds for Divorce...lol.
Dr. Robin Mitchell
Martinez, Ca.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks for dropping by and reading, and for your comments, Robin.


Do we still have showboats today, or are they better known as being cruise ships?


I think the term is more cruise ship now, they have entertainment of all kinds and as much food and luxury as you can eat!


Having cruised around the med on many occasions I can honestly say that cruise liners are the new showboats of our time.

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