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August 08, 2011


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Marc Leavitt

Prince Albert is also the name of a brand of American Pipe tobacco sold in a tin. It gave rise to a lame joke: "Where's Prince Albert? He's in the can." The joke here is the use of "can," which in this case is slang for loo.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks, Marc. Now, that is a new one for me! I think I've heard 'in the can' as meaning 'in prison', although that, too, is US slang. I've just looked up in a single-volume Oxford dictionary and the only meaning for 'in the can' is (of a film) all ready to be broadcast.

Marc Leavitt

All three of those uses are correct, and usually easily understood contextually. Another use is the past particle, "canned," for sacked. Another, now dated, is "She's got a nice can" for a woman's buttocks, and then there's "a can of worms" as a metaphor for a difficult problem or situation. I'm sure there are more, but at the moment they elude me.


Then there's "in the can" or going thereto, referring to the lavatory.

I hope and pray that the Albert ball flies better than the Jabulani (or however one spells it) ball used for the World Cup.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks for the info and comments. I know 'can of worms'. Canned here means drunk.


Olympic football to be called Albert, well this is pretty good, I know someone who has called his pies Alberts, but this is down to a rather funny story.


Why would the Olympic football be called Albert I don't understand. Is there some significance to London there.


I am not too happy about all this talk of the Olympics, I am from Sheffield and remember the debt that the world student games left us in with little to show for it.

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MLB Picks

The difference between the blather between playoff games and the blather between primaries is that somebody might accidentally say something that matters between primaries.

JM Picks

Like baseball, football also turns on one or a few moments during any given match. The Swiss had barely any action against the Spaniards except for that one moment. Whether the US-Slovenia match was tied or not came down to a blown call. Calling one football match is as difficult as calling a single baseball game.

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