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August 09, 2011


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Interesting, sadly. Thanks for posting.

Our hearts go out to those who've suffered injuries and losses. May they and a beautiful country recover quickly.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks, John.

English language

I have trouble with the words effect and affect, no matter how many times somebody tries to explain it, I just can't wrap my head around it.... and I type it on a daily basis and am a trained medical secretary.


There are loads of different words that I get stuck on. I never know which of these is right and when to use in the correct context - course, cause or coarse it is really confusing to me.


"affect" versus "effect" is easy.

Effect is a noun (the effect of the storm was . . . ), affect is a verb, (My action affected him by . . . ).


affect can also be a noun meaning outward expression of emotions.

effect can also be a verb meaning to bring about.

Lee May

Thank you for this clarification. For most of my life, I have thought that "wrought" was the only correct past tense of "wreak". (It sounds much cooler than "wreaked".) Let me show my gratitude in a left-handed way (I am indeed left-handed) by suggesting a correction to some of the grammar in your response. The clause beginning with "the reason is because", is incorrect. It should be "the reason is that". The word "because" means "for the reason that".

Virtual Linguist

Thanks for all the comments above, and thanks to you all for reading. Thanks, Lee May, for your advice.


I cringe any time I hear "wreaked" havoc. IT's AWFUL and it sounds illiterate. "what hath God WREAKED?" NONONONONO!!!!!

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