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September 19, 2011


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Interesting, as always.

The expression "pin money" is, or at least was, used here, but I haven't heard it for a very long time; think my grandmother used it on occasion. It is probably dead now.

Would you think that there might be a similar connection with "pin bones" in a fish? (tiny, almost invisible bones)

Thanks for posting.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks for your kind words, John. Pin money is often used disparagingly here eg "She's only working for pin money" (the implication being that the husband earns enough for the family's needs).

I'd never heard of pin bones before now. Pin bone is in the OED but with reference to horses and cows. Plenty of references to pin bones on fish on the internet though. Pin bones seem to come from the original meaning of pin ie peg, spike or nail, and the idea is that they are projecting bones. Don't know if that makes sense with reference to fish.


It does. I've heard "pin bones" used in reference to the tiny bones that protrude when one filets a small fish.



I would like to quote your very interesting information regarding "pin money" on my Etsy shop website. I sell vintage and antique brooches, pins and clips.

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Kind regards,


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