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September 07, 2011


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Marc Leavitt

The analogy is apt for today, but in an earlier time, the analogy might well have been to call a poem a summary, or a precis; the haiku is a parallel concept. Another near-synonym is the type of "shorthand" developed by newspaper reporters who use mnemonic keywords to recall quotations and narratives at a later time.

Virtual Linguist

Very true, Marc. Thanks.

red bottom heel

If you wish to be the best man, you must suffer the bitterest of the bitter.


LOL also means laugh out loud and LMFAO means laugh my fat arse off apparently according to my daughter.


I really don't get text talk, especially when a receive texts which are full of it. Can't we just text normal words.


Text talk is great it saves a hell of a lot of time and effort having to spell words out.

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