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October 28, 2011


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It appears from this that text abbreviations are fairly universal, most likely due to the global nature of communications technology and usage these days.

We've even woven some of the more colourful ones into verbal slang at work using the phoenetic alphabet as in "whiskey tango foxtrot, over".

I do suspect though, that usage of text abbreviations may actually decrease in the future as a function of increased availability of mobiles/cells with full keypads. Just an opinion.


Even more so under the influence of Siri, perhaps.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks for your comments. Picky - I had to look up Siri, so thanks for the new word. I agree about the decline of text abbreviations, John. My children already laugh at me for using abbreviations as they indicate that I do not use predictive texting.


Tell them not to laugh; predictive texting has a long way to go. I turn it off, given that it is easier to key correctly than fix poor predictions. I'm with Picky - voice will prevail, although there are quirks there also.


There is nothing more annoying than having predictive text on your phone, it always get the text wrong. I have to say though some text abbreviations leave me bewildered.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks for all your comments.


Text abbreviations are confusing, I sometimes get them through and have to sit and think about what they could mean lol.


I love text abbreviations, although some of the ones my daughter sends through I find hard to even understand.


I find the most annoying text is that which is all abbreviated.

Arthur Samuels

I still spell everything out in full when I text. And inlcude punctuation. Old habits are hard to break. Must be getting OLD. Very slow but I don't send out an inordinate almount of texts. LOL

Virtual Linguist

Thanks, Arthur. I'm the same.


It's safer to spell everything out. Misunderstandings can spring from heavily abbreviated text.

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