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October 21, 2011


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Mike_in_Kyiv (Mike Lynn)

Sket's a film, but I wonder how prevalent this kind of 'dialog' may be in western society? Language evolves but when you have gang-slang that takes meaning of certain words to a city-by-city definition/interpretation, then we are finished as a civilization. Language is supposed to be a uniting feature of advanced societies. Are we back to Babble?

Virtual Linguist

Thanks for dropping by and reading, Mike, and particularly for commenting. I suppose these words are used by young girl gangs in urban areas when talking among themselves and their peers. The same girls will probably talk to teachers, employers, shop staff etc in a completely different - more standard - way. Slang - like dialect and accent - is used to show solidarity within a group.



To your final point, I'd offer my Barbadian high school's alumnae/ii websites. We all sat the same O&C "O" and "A" Levels that our counterparts in Britain and elsewhere sat. We could all write and speak flawless, albeit accented English, yet on the Facebook sites, many write in phonetic Bajan. An outsider might wonder if we ever went to school at all, but the reality is that it's all in fun among friends.

Virtual Linguist

Yes, thanks John. I agree with you.

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Sket is totally different point of view showing the reality for so many girls in our modern society. Of course in most of the case all is a matter of own choice.


Sket, I heard this for the first time ever the other week when my local landlady had it written on her pub, she is married with kids and has never ever cheated so she had no clue what it even meant.


Innit is annoying and Sket is also annoying it isn't even a word.


Girl gang phraseology will carry on for as long as we let it, however, once they grow up they will be embarrassed about how they used to talk.

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Every generation has it's slangs and terms that the 'grown ups' think is crazy nonsense.

Right of passage I think, and nothing else. We've all done variations of this.

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I too belog to a girls gang !

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