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December 05, 2011


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The variety of topics you've covered over the past week or so is great. I certainly can't speak for others, but that on-going wide scope is what keeps me coming back regularly. You do a fantastic job with the blog.


Virtual Linguist

Thank you, John. That's very kind of you to say so.


I think John can definitely speak for me:) I've discovered this blog several weeks ago and had to add it both to my RSS reader and my blogroll.
Thank you, Susan, and do keep writing!

Virtual Linguist

Thank you, too, Sylva, for your kind words.


Yes I've watched it too. Those two pandas are the cutest! :)


With regard to the origin of the name Panda, nigalya would actually refer to the name Nigalu, which means bamboo or cane in Nepali language. The author might have reversed the meanings. I do not know the meaning of Ponya.

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