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December 31, 2011


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Marc Leavitt

When I visited Australia some years back, I went to dinner in the King's Cross section of Sydney, which is a small Bohemian community. I don't know which king the name celebrates, and I don't recall seeing a statue, but Sydney was a rough frontier town when George IV reigned, so perhaps it was dedicated to him. Best wishes for the new year.


How brave the Victorians were! To put up a 70ft statue and then tear it down 10 years later because it wasn't popular! I can think of some modern opportunities for that treatment.

Marc: according to Wikithingummy the Sydney one (which seems to be fairly insalubrious, like the London one) was originally Queen's Cross (after VR, of course) and later got updated.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks to you both for your comments, and to you, Picky, for answering Marc.

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