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May 12, 2012


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"Diogenes ....had no shame,couldn’t care less what others thought of him"

Yes, best to draw a veil over that ... :-)

And 'cynosure' - a word whose meaning I have to look up regularly

Virtual Linguist

Thanks, Alan. Yes, cynosure is a nice word. I've just looked it up now (another name for the constellation Ursa Minor, lit. dog's tail; also with a wider meaning it's something that attracts attention by its brilliance or beauty).

Marc Leavitt

Hi Susan:
Your post inspired me to check on the etymology of "cynic" for the proper (original) pronunciation of its ancestor, to see where that would lead.The Attic Greek word for "dog" transliterates as "kuh-nay," cognate with Latin "canis," and its modern descendants in various languages, including words like "canine."

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