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July 22, 2012


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Interesting as always, Susan.

I receive and/or send probably 200-300 personal e-mails, texts, and other forms of IM's a week, excluding work, RSS & other feeds and adverts.

The real value to me lies in the asynchronous nature of the beast. On a telephone, someone says something to me, I listen, then respond, and so on. Everyone else waits.

Although it is still nice to actually speak to people, async allows me to converse with multiple people virtually simultaneously. True, it can be a bit disjointed at times, but it is highly effective.

There is also an advantage in that in poor mobile coverage areas, texts and email seem to 'burst' in and out more effectively than the system can 'hold' phone connections.

To your point about grammar, etc., it is true, and I've seen some degradation in my own texting (from a Droid) simply because of the tiny keypad. This usually takes the form of all lower case, incomplete sentences, no apostrophes, etc. I force myself to write properly with all but a couple of people.

Now to read the Ofcom report.

Thanks for posting.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks, John. 200-300 emails and texts a week! That would drive me mad!

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