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September 15, 2012


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Great post, Susan. Thanks.

Having seen it many times here in the US, I agree completely on the gender bias.

I wonder if Hilary plans on taking on the similar practise with respect to age bias. Terms such as "driving, energetic, innovative" all scream "young". "Seasoned" and "experienced" tend to express bias against younger applicants.

Human nature being what it is, I expect that these biases prevail somewhat equally on both sides of the Atlantic.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks, John. Oh yes, there are age biases here too. And it's not just words in job ads. My name Susan firmly places me in a particular era - there were five Susans in my class when I was at school, but you never hear of little girls being called Susan these days. So, selectors can always discriminate on name alone.

It's possible that Hilary Devey might look into age discrimination - she's probably in her mid-50s. She's such an extroverted, uberconfident go-getter herself, however, that she tends to think that if you haven't reached the boardroom, it's your own fault.


Interesting, Susan.

I never gave much thought to "name-based" age discrimination, but I think you're spot-on.

Mine may be sort of "era-neutral" but I'm unsure. I say that based on knowing a lot of "John's" at all age levels. There were two John's in my form. To be sure, discrimination in terms of gender and ethnicity occur, sadly, all the time based on name.

I also never thought about it, but I can't think of many "Susan's" around here where I work.


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