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October 22, 2012


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German translator

I never heard about Earworm..After reading this blog I came to know that Earworms are annoying snippets of songs that you can't get out of your head. Well I don't know much about it but it seems to be a nice thing..

Marc Leavitt

"Earworm" is one of those words; it annoys me every time I read it. Call me a peevologist, but until another word for the annoying tic comes along, I prefer descriptive explanations, i.e.,"Such and such a song keeps running through my head. It's driving me crazy!"


You might also like The Definitive Guide To Earworms (http://earwurm.com/song-in-my-head/) which has a list of synonyms and related words, such as haunting melody, involuntary musical imagery , musical hook, tune wedgie, sticky tune, demon tune etc.

Jenny Lewin-Jones

This is an example of a " calque", isn't it? A word has been borrowed from another language, but translated directly into English, rather than us using " Ohrwurm" as a loan word?

Virtual Linguist

Thanks for the comments. Licia - that's a very annoying site! Jenny - yes, thanks for the information.

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