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October 15, 2012


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Blimey, that's three paragraphs packed with good stuff! The grenade business is fascinating, isn't it?

Virtual Linguist

Thanks, Picky. Yes, it is all fascinating. Most of us only use a dictionary to look up words we don't know, but I often learn a lot more by looking up everyday words.


I'll add that the Italian word is melagrana (as mentioned above, from Latin malum granatum).

I was surprised to see that Samsung used the descriptor "Garnet Red" for one of its most recent smartphones. I am not sure "garnet" is a word easily understood by the non-native English speakers in its international audience.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks for the info, Licia. Yes, an interesting point re Samsung. I suppose 'Garnet' sounds upmarket, being a jewel. They could have used the more common 'Ruby' instead, I suppose.

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