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August 10, 2017


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Hello Susan.

You've put up a lot of great posts recently. This one reminded me of a song: "Liverpool Lullaby", Cilla Black. One line is: "You'll gerra belt from yer dad."


Margaret Lawrenson

Hmm. I was the lucky recipient of 'a good thrashing': born in Yorkshire, raised in London, father Polish. Pick the bones out of that! I keep meaning to tell you how much I love your blog posts - thank you.

Virtual Linguist

Thanks for your kind comments, both Margaret and John. I think many of us will remember being on the receiving end of "a good thrashing"! If it wasn't dished out at home, it certainly was in school! As for the Cilla Black song, John, yes, that went through my head, too, as I wrote the post. Apparently the line is sometimes changed to 'you'll get told off by your dad' these days. It doesn't have quite the same rhythm, though, does it?

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